Listed below are some answers to some common questions.
If you have further questions or concerns please call us at (646) 480-6011 and we will be happy to discuss treatment options.

All major health insurance plans are accepted at Michael Ash and Associates. This includes Medicaid.

Please remember that you must also choose a plan to provide the Medicaid benefits to you - the list of plans we accept is below. We don't accept what is known as "Straight Medicaid.”   However, it is easy to get a plan - you just choose one and call them and let them know that you have Medicaid but need a managed care plan.  

• 1199SEIU
• Aetna
• Affinity
• Amida Care
• Beacon Health Options 
• Behavioral Health Systems
• BlueCross and BlueShield
• Care Connect
• Centerlight
• Ceridian EAP
• Cigna
• Coventry
• Fully Integrated Duals Advantage (FIDA)
• HIP/GHI Emblem Health Network 
• Emblem Health Child Health Plus
• Emblem Health Medicaid
• Emblem Health Non HMO
• Emblem Health HMO
• Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield 
• Fallon Health Weinberg, Inc.
• Fidelis
• First Health
• HealthFirst
• Hudson Health Plan
• Independent Health Association, Inc.
• Intellectual and Other Disabilities (IDD)
• MagnaCare
• MedicaidMedicare
• MetroPlus
• MVP Health Care
• MVP Medicare Network 
• MVP Commercial HMO Network
• NYS Empire Plan 
• Optum|United Behavioral Health
• Partners Health Plan (PHP) 
• Railroad Medicare
• Senior Whole Health, Inc. 
• TriCare 
• Touchstone
• ValueOptions
• Value Options EAP
• Value Options Commercial Non-HMO 
• Value Options Federal Services TRICARE 
• Vytra
• Out of Network

Ash & Associates accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Cash, and Checks.

The average cost per therapy session is $100 – $150, however, we do work with a sliding scale. Please contact us to learn more.

No Insurance?  

If you do not have insurance, we are happy to offer you a sliding scale with a minimum fee of $80.

It still might be less costly to look into the rates for the Affordable Care Act Plans, or even to see if you qualify for a Medicaid plan, which is free.  Once you qualify for Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act, you only need to choose a plan (see the list of plans we take below).  As the current Administration is cutting funding to help people sign up for the ACA and Medicaid, we are doing our best to help educate people on their public insurance options. For more information, a good place to start is the NY State of Health Website: https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov/.   Their helpline is 855.355.5777.     

Sliding Scale

While our full fee is $150 for the initial session and $100 for the subsequent sessions. We do offer a sliding scale to those with financial need without insurance, ranging from $80 to $150, depending on what a patient can afford according to their income.   

Checking your benefits

When you email us your information or call (631) 588-1935, we are happy to check your insurance benefits for you.  We do our best to get the most accurate information from your insurance about your benefits.  However, insurances often quote us incorrect information.  For this reason, we ask that you check your own benefits as well.  This way, we can ensure that the information we have is correct.  

Calling your own Insurance to Find out your Benefits

When you call your insurance, you'll want to use the phone number on the back of your Insurance Plan's card.  You should ask about your behavioral/mental health benefits for "Outpatient Mental Health Office Visits" (CPT codes: 90791, 90834, 90846, & 90847).  


If your insurance plan is listed below, you should ask about In-Network benefits, meaning that we are part of that insurance’s "network" of providers.

Out of Network

If your insurance is not on the list below, (or listed as “out-of-network only” you should be asking about Out-of-Network benefits (more on Out-of-Network below).

Terms You Need to Know - *Don't worry if you’re still unclear, we'll help explain the numbers for you once you have them!

Allowed Amount - the amount your insurance deems acceptable for Mental Health Office Visits (this varies by insurance).  We charge $150 for the initial session, and $100 for the subsequent sessions, however, each insurance determines how much of our fee they are willing to pay.  That is the “allowed amount.”  For most in-network insurances, it is a flat fee, and we write off the remainder.  For many out-of-network insurances, it is a percentage. This is an important number to know if you have a deductible because this is the amount you will pay per session.  For most in-network plans, we already know the amount.

Deductible - this is the amount you have to pay before the insurance will start paying anything. If you have a deductible, you should also ask how much of it you have left. Your fee will be tied to the contracted rate or “allowed amount” your insurance sets for our services. This varies greatly between insurance.  After you have paid your deductible, sometimes you have a Co-pay or Co-insurance that you have to pay from then on (see below).

Co-Pay - flat fee that you must pay per appointment or Co-insurance (a percentage of the total fee or “allowed amount” that you must pay per appointment).

Effective Date - the date your insurance became active.

Re-Certification Date - mark this on your calendar so that you know when you need to submit paperwork to re-certify.

Primary Insurance - just to make sure that you're not mistakenly listed under another insurance, for example, your previous insurance, your parent's insurance, your partner's insurance, etc.

In-Network Plans

We accept all types of the plans below, including Medicaid, Medicare, ACA, and private plans. We do not accept “straight” Medicaid (that is, Medicaid or Medicare without a Plan). If you have Medicaid/Medicare without a plan, you should call them right away and choose a plan. Here is the list of plans that we accept:

Please complete your insurance details when contacting us, so we can verify your benefits. 

Out-of-Network Benefits

If you have Out-of-Network benefits, your payment is due at the time of service, however, we're happy to file all your claims with your insurance company for you as a courtesy.  Sometimes insurances will actually pay us directly, in which case, you're only responsible for whatever deductible, co-pay, or co-insurance is applicable. If you have a deductible, your fee will be based on your insurance’s “allowed amount.”

Regardless of whom you are or what you believe, life is a challenge.
Michael Ash & Associates supports you as you overcome these challenges.

Regardless of whom you are or what you believe, life is a challenge.
Michael Ash & Associates supports you as you overcome these challenges.

Regardless of whom you are or what you believe, life is a challenge. I support you as you overcome these challenges.Michael Ash & Associates supports you as you overcome these challenges.

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