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Growing up, I was always told that I had to pay my dues. So over the years I paid my dues in relationships, I paid my dues at work and I even most paid my dues in the academic arena. However, the devil, as always, remained consistent. He was always in the midst and working hard to distract and derail. The devil was there to say that I did not have to do what my parents or my woman wanted me to do. The devil was there to encourage not listening to the boss. The devil was there inspiring not studying or working hard and to do your best.

Guess what? We listened to the devil many times and fell short. So when you get tired of paying the devil’s dues, it is time. Thus, this is the time to tell the devil that he was overpaid. The devil was given too much discretion in your life. The devil was allowed to wage warfare and cause turmoil in your life. Yes, when God enters your life the devil no longer has value. The devil is told that he can’t have his way. The devil is informed that his check was stopped and he is being sanctioned due to OVERPAYMENTS.

It is God’s time now. It is time to stop paying dues because Jesus died for us. It is time to read the Bible, fast, pray and praise God for how he has closed doors to allow us to pass through others.

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