Today is the first day of March and it is also Women’s History Month. Ever since I can remember, and I’m sure even before then, my mother has always been supportive. As a child, I would cry for my mother at night and she would come to me. I remember the day when I cried at night and she did not come to see what I wanted. It took a very long time for me to understand that she was showing me at an early age that I can be independent.

There were many things that my mother instilled in me. She took me with her when she fed the homeless and talked to them nicely, which made me comfortable, and ultimately, I became a social worker. She took me with her to museums, plays, and concerts all while teaching me about my black cultural roots. She did all of this while working fulltime and taking care of my father and my two other siblings. She had a way of making each of us feel special. She did special things with each of us alone and together as a family.

There were family tragedies, disappointments, issues and concerns, but through it all my mother demonstrated resilience and posture. This society has historically been cruel to women in many, many ways – especially black women. It is time to honor all women and stop the objectification, unwanted sexual aggression and normalizing these behaviors.

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